Free Press for Eastern Europe is looking for a part-time Editorial Consultant with at least 15 years of professional experience, preferrably in an international media setting.

A successful candidate should speak Russian fluently and have a comprehensive knowledge of at least one more Eastern European language. (S)he should be able to demonstrate clear ability to coordinate complex production that requires adherence to ethical journalistic standards and experience of media training and mentoring, both on-site and off-site.

EU Citizenship and/or legal work permit for Czech Republic is a must.

Main responsibilities:

– Provide to FPEE and/or its partner organisation Free Press Unlimited input on editorial trends based on her/his knowledge of the region, media outlets and their audience’s specifics and statistics.

– At request, participate in the production of multi-country multi-format media projects, providing her/his recommendations and offering her/his expertise in the area.

– At request, act as a liaison with the international partners on specific projects.

– At request of FPEE and/or Free Press Unlimited, design training modules and workshops for international media participants.

– S/he should be able to apply her/his knowledge to identify potential clients for the media production, analyzing needs of  media outlets, newsrooms, think tanks, NGOs and possibly other institutions.

– The Consultant shall present her/his findings to the relevant supervisors that will be defined by FPEE.

Please, send your resumes to not later than 30 September 2017. We reserve the right to contact only pre-selected candidates.